Discover SANY
at the benchmark place

Ake photos at the world-famous buildings which SANY equipment had involved in its construction, SANY industrial parks worldwide, SANY branch offices and SANY dealer offices, etc.(For example: SANY equipment involved in famous projects include the Burj Khalifa tower in UAE, Brazil World Cup venues, the Russian Federation Building, the National Railway Station in Tailand, Shanghai Center, Hong Kong Global Financial Center, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge,etc.)

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Discover the most heated
construction site of SANY

Shocking, professional, hard, interesting construction sites.

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the story of SANY people

Share the story of SANY character. You can tell the story of SANY partners, SANY customers, SANY global employees, SANY service engineers, SANY sales representatives, operators, SANY family members.

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Eg. #Benchmarkplace the most beautiful Burj Khalifa tower in my heart ……

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