Social Responsibility
Core values
People of action need to identify their core beliefs and hold to them with integrity, even in the face of hardship. Organizations must also have strong beliefs and strong core values.


Quality changes the world


Build first-class enterprises
Foster first-class talents
Make first-class contributions


Constantly strive to become stronger
Serve the country through industry


Strive for excellence
Combat inefficiencies and slow-downs

Operation principles

All for the customers
All comes from innovation

Enterprise ethics

Be just and faithful
Be thankful

Hunan ice storm
rescue in 2008

In January 2008, Hunan Province, the location of the SANY Group headquarters, suffered a major ice disaster. SANY immediately initiated de-icing rescue operations with 23 of its motor graders and 51 machine operators on the Jingzhu Expressway. After 10 days and nights of operation, 586 miles (943 kilometers) were cleared, resulting in the SANY motor grader being recognized as the "meritorious motor grader".

of SANY’s
motor graders
of its
operators fought

Sichuan earthquake
rescue in 2008

In response to the devastating 8.0-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Sichuan Province, China, on May 12, 2008, SANY donated materials worth US$2.7 million to the area. The company's Youth League Committee quickly organized a relief team of more than 80 members to rush to the most disaster-stricken areas. The volunteer team (with an average age of 26) followed commands closely at the rescue front line and put up a fearless fight despite continual after-shocks, clearing more than 30 key gateways and rescuing over 20 endangered persons.

members formed
a relief team

Chile mine
rescue in 2010

A unit of SANY SCC4000 crawler cranes took part in the Chilean copper mine rescue in August 2010 when the copper mine collapsed, trapping 33 miners more than 700 meters underground. After 69 days, all 33 men were brought safely to the surface on October 13, 2010. Because any operating accidents might have caused severe disasters and ruined the rescue plan, the Chilean government was very cautious when they chose hoisting machines for the rescue. Among the three competitors, the SANY SCC4000 crawler crane was finally chosen due to its safe operation records.

Fukushima nuclear
disaster rescue in 2011

After the strong earthquake in Fukushima on March 11, 2011, SANY donated a 62m concrete pump truck and sent 3 service engineers to assist in the water spraying operations at Fukushima nuclear power plant. Major adaptations to the original truck included a smaller water hose, a radiation detector, and wireless remote control, which were applied to meet the extremely demanding work requirements.
German company Putzmeister, later acquired by SANY, also donated a pump.

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