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Service polishes the brand image —— SANY launches annual service campaign 2020 in Indonesia
20 July, 2020


A package of considerate services is on the way
On July 8, SANY Perkasa held the opening ceremony of a long-running annual campaign, SANY service tour 2020, in Jarkada, Indonesia. Covering 18 cities across 6 islands in Indonesia, the campaign in Indonesia is in its 7th year. Coordinating with SANY’s local dealers, SANY Perkasa, SANY’s Sino-Indonesian joint venture, has secured its main businesses in the local market including excavator, rotary drilling rig, pump truck, truck mixer, crawler crane and mining machinery.  

The opening ceremony is just a trailer of unfolding events to come, a series of additional services arranged tightly on the calendar. As part of the company’s worldwide campaign, the SANY service tour in Indonesia offers a range of value-added services within a timeframe of six months as it does in other countries and regions. While discounts on parts, free clients training sessions and free equipment maintenance are the routines, upgraded services for this year, such as ‘digitalized and value-centered’ service, reflect SANY’s efforts to keep up with the time. Besides, SANY values the trust of the people it influenced. Included in the service campaign, ‘Me and SANY’ story-telling campaign, ‘operators’ club’ are some highlighting events that soften down the hard industrial tone of SANY’s company image. When asked about how SANY service campaign helped, Siahaan, an excavator driver, said, “I’ve been working with SANY diggers for years and they proved to be quite reliable, especially with those service people always ready to help.”


The focus on service makes SANY go further  
31 years into its life, SANY has realized what made it grow from a garage-startup business teamed by 4 to a construction machinery giant staffed globally. While SANY’s reputation on her product quality has taken hold, another major contributor here is the constant focus on service, without which SANY wouldn’t have become herself. According to Tang Shaohua, minister of the service department of SANY Indonesian business unit,making all-out effort to ensure good service has long been the spirit of ‘SANY professionalism’, which secured SANY’s steady growth and long survival. “SANY annual service campaign is the embodiment of this spirit, aiming at both solving clients’ practical problems at the moment and improving their experience in the long run,” said Tang, “These service-centered activities can also shed light on questions beyond service itself. That is to say, they provide valuable sales leads as new needs would emerge during the problem-solving process.”
SANY Perkasa has a strong presence in the excavator market in Indonesia, evidenced by a total unit number of 4000 accounting for 15% of the market share and 15 sales&service centers scattered throughout the islands. Minister Tang didn’t hesitate before voicing the ambition of the team: “our goal is to become the number-one heavy-equipment distributor in Indonesia, and more specifically, with a quarter of the market share as predicted.” 

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