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SANY Foundation helps talented underprivileged students get the education they deserve
5 February, 2021

At SANY, we strongly believe in the importance of education for children, especially the significance of not leaving any talented child undiscovered.

 As poverty is still a social issue in hard-to-reach areas in rural China, the Dream Project, initiated by the SANY Foundation, delivers comprehensive programs that give good students from underprivileged families an equal chance for education.

Over the past ten years since its establishment, the project has received applications for financial aid from over 5,000 students, from whom 1,215 were selected. The project facilitates access to quality education for children from 22 provinces and autonomous regions and 20 ethnic groups across China.

 Empowered by the project, these beneficiaries, who would have otherwise ended up underachieving in their lives due to poverty, have realized their full potential by completing post-graduate and doctorate studies with opportunities to study overseas with the help of the SANY Foundation. As expected, since graduating many of them are rising to the top of their respective fields.  

 Li Jingze, a 29-year-old young man, is the founder of COSTAR, a new and thriving design and jewelry studio in China. Before starting his own business, he worked at EY-PRODUCTSone of four Chinese design companies that were invited to the 2017 Maison&Objet furniture and interiors exhibition in France. The Red Dot Design Award he received in 2018 for his entry “The Rule Breaker”, a bevel protractor of novel design, is another highlight in the resume of this promising designer.


Li Jingze and the founder of the SANY Foundation Liang Zaizhong

Back in 2010, Li was a high school junior in Anren, Hunan, a national-level poor county. Though his artistic talent was yet to show, he had already gained the attention of his teachers with academic excellence. However, his poor family background meant he wouldn’t get sufficient support to get on the right track.

 Luckily, with his application to the Dream Project approved, he was among the first batch of students who were admitted into the program. While a yearly subsidy of RMB 10,000 improved his quality of life throughout his college studies, annual summer events held by the foundation provided networking opportunities that greatly benefited him in his later entrepreneurial journey.

 Recalling his coming-of-age story, Li thanks the SANY Foundation not only for the financial aid but equally for the independence, self-esteem and opportunity for self-actualization made possible by the former.

 Today, the SANY Foundation is making progress on its mission to empower more talented children from underprivileged families by getting them the education they deserve.  

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