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SANY fire trucks take first step into global market
6 April, 2021

SANY’s fire engine product made its overseas debut at the recent Milipol Qatar, an international event for homeland security & civil defense in the Middle East. This marks SANY’s first step in internationalizing its fire-fighting product line. Held from March 15th to 17th, the exhibition is a platform to showcase innovative products and services in the global security industry. It is also the best gateway to the global security market of the Middle East.

Representing the entire SANY fire engine product line, a high-mobility multifunctional fire truck was selected as the exhibit.

The SANY fire truck is already a star product in China for its ultimate safety-ensuring design, featuring antipoison, anti-collision, smash proof, fireproof and explosion-proof tools and technology.

Three other star products in SANY’s fire truck product line that are ready to make their overseas debuts include:

1. Long-Span Water Tower Fire Truck

The long-span, six-section, fully-foldable boom structure is flexible in action with ultimate reach and maneuverability, able to cross or maneuver various barriers in complicated environments to put out fires. The hydraulic system experiences minimal pressure losses and high flow rates, with the maximum outgoing water flow reaching 100 L/s.

2. Forcible Entry Fire Truck

This truck provides an all-in-one solution for forcible entry, fire extinguishing and rescues. It addresses pain points of traditional forcible entry equipment such as long wait times for the arrival of police personnel, slow forcible entry speeds and low forcible entry power, and it opens up the fire extinguishing and rescue channels, rapidly targeting enclosed buildings such as shopping malls and warehouses.

3. Heavy Emergency Rescue Fire Truck

This multi-functional truck can perform weightlifting in confined spaces, towing, lighting and fire extinguishing. It can be attached with an independent passenger compartment able to accommodate 9 people and modular large-space instrument boxes containing up to 200 kinds of instruments.

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