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SANY’s healthcare projects improve the lives of the elderly
11 April, 2021

World Parkinson’s Disease Day (April 11th) helps raise public awareness of this terrible disease that afflicts elderly people around the world.

Dedicated to helping eradicate many geriatric diseases including Parkinsons disease, organizations worldwide have made substantial efforts to improve the well-being of the elderly. Among them, the SANY Foundation, founded in 2013 under the auspices of SANY, has been promoting a non-profit cataract screening and treatment project for senior citizens in rural China.  

Cataracts are responsible for approximately half of all cases of blindness both worldwide and in China. According to statistics, elderly people suffering the loss of vision have a reduced life expectancy of five years less than the average.    

Funded with RMB 1,154,300, the project was expected to benefit 15,000 underprivileged senior citizens living in poverty-stricken Qingcheng County, Gansu province.

Compared to developed western countries, the cataract surgery rate in China is less than a quarter of the former. In many counties, the cataract diagnosis and treatment system is underdeveloped, a situation which is further aggravated by the locals’ poor knowledge of the disease.     

In light of the status quo, SANY’s non-profit cataract screening and treatment project was designed to improve this situation in three ways:

1. Providing cataract surgery training to local ophthalmologists.  

2. Forging a local team to conduct cataract screenings.

3. Developing a localized cataract screeningdiagnosis and treatment system that is feasible to meet the real needs locally. 

So far, a screening team of trained local ophthalmologists and nurses has been formed and become operational. The new system has been running wellevidenced by the fact that 18,340 seniors (exceeding the original target of 15,000) were screened, among whom 2,691 were diagnosed with cataractand 122 have been properly treated. Those diagnosed with other eye conditions, such as pterygium, walleye and enophthalmia, were transferred to better equipped municipal hospitals for treatment.   

Having committed to making real contributions to society, SANY shoulders social responsibilitas much as our mission to create value.

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