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Crawler crane SCC45000A sets new world’s tonnage record
29 October, 2021

On October 28th, a SANY SCC9800TM crawler crane was delivered to a customer. In the history of world records of the maximum lifting capacity for cranes, SANY set new records of 3,600 t in 2011 and 4,000 t in 2020. Once again, SANY has pushethe limits to a new high of 4,500 t.  

To date, this is the largest lifting capacity of mobile cranes ever recorded in human history. With a maximum lifting moment of over 98,000 t*m and a maximum lifting weight of 4,500 t, the crane is theoretically able to hoist more than 3,000 sedan cars, outperforming all similar products. 

The enormous amount of physical space the crane occupies is jaw dropping. With four tracks, eight engines, a two-boom reach of 216 m, a superlift mast, a counterweight and a hook, the machine covers an area of nearly 4,200 m2, which is equivalent to the size of 10 basketball courts. According to Qin Xuqi, director of the SANY Crawler Crane Institute,  it takes at least 200 30-ton flatbed trucks to transport the crane components. 

Beyond its size and capacity, it has the unique, transformer-like capability of integrating and dividing into different parts. Based on modular design and finite element simulation technology, 95% of parts on the SCC9800TM are interchangeable with those on SANYs other large-tonnage cranes. This means that by replacing only a few parts, this giant iron beast can be disassembled into independent 2,000-t crawler cranes, undertaking more complex tasks in a joint operation. 

Despite its colossal-sized body, the controllability and mobility of the SCC98000TM is not compromised compared to smaller products. “With an independently actuated superlift counterweight system, a digital rotation drive and an integrated control system,” says Director Xuqi, “the machine features superior smoothness and millimeter-scale precision in operation.

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