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New SANY excavator debuts at RWM Exhibition
11 November, 2021

SANY UK was present at the recent RWM Exhibition, the UK’s largest Recycling, Resource & Waste Management event. SANY’s four popular excavator models including the SY16C, SY26U, SY80U and SY155U were showcased, and the fifth EU model – the SY215 - was launched.

Facing the entrance, the SANY booth was well positioned and enjoyed a high level of exposure during the show.


The new SY215 model is specially developed for the EU and US markets, with improvements made on fuel consumption, reliability and operational comfort. The exhibiting model attracted many inquiriesand many orders were placed on the spot. According to SANYs on-site manager, the demand for SANYs excavators in the UK has been outweighing the supply. It is expected that the sales volume of SANY UK will enjoy a 600% year-on-year growth.  


Due to the pandemic, a large number of exhibitions for various industries in the UK were postponed until 2022. The RWM 2021 was the largest industrial event held this year and the only one in which SANY participated offline and in-person

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