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“Star of the Month” for May - The “Risk Taker” in Iraq
20 May, 2022
In 2016, Huashide Power Plant in Iraq, completed earlier in 2014, stopped operating. With the IS war raging and no operators remaining at their posts, no other service engineers agreed to take the maintenance job, except for Fang, who rushed to the factory within a day and immediately located the problems: the batching plant went out of order because its central control computer lost communication with the PLC, and the pump truck’s SYLD failed to display since the wire had been cut deliberately. 

After servicing the equipment, Fang was praised by the client for his bravery, patience and expertise demonstrated in such a tense time.  

Fang never shrank back from these risky tasks. Likewise, back in 2011, he faced sandstorms, and he tackled head on the challenges brought on by COVID-19 later in 2020, with both instances being in Iraq. 

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