About GCP
Product Inquiry
All products available to the international market are displayed with pricing and detailed product specifications. Compare specifications between similar models.
Equipment Management
Review parts manuals, manage equipment and request services.
Order Query
Authenticated users can check order status and details.
Parts Query
Look up parts information such as images, inventory, freight and other information.
User Guide
1. Download & Usage
Download the App by searching "SANY GCP" in Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) or scan the following QR code.
2. Find Your Product
Select a specific model from all product categories and click " Product Details".
3. View Product Details
View detailed information about a model, including images, name, item code, specifications, number of viewers and more.
4. Compare Specs
Choose two models in the same product category to compare parameters.
5. Equipment Order Status
View contracts linked to the authenticated account and related delivery progress. Ordered equipment is divided by status: Under Review, Approved, In Preparation, and In Shipment.
6. Global Service Network
Displays all dealer outlets including country, company name, phone number and available products. Filter and search functions are available.
7. Parts
Search parts images, inventory, basic information, freight and other information.
8. Parts Orders
Upon authentication, information on all parts orders can be viewed, including number of parts ordered, progress of parts delivery and more.
9. Equipment
Request service, check equipment status and review parts manuals. Access remote diagnosis of equipment and offer feedback to service engineers.
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