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Mini Excavator all-star group, small and powerful !

  • compact, flexible, easy to pass through narrow passages and city roadways.
  • With over 40 attachments available, it is suitable for excavating, grabbing, unloading, drilling, cutting, breaking and more tasks.
  • A small investment, profit to cover the cost within 1 year.
  • low transportation cost and super easy maintenance.



Easy to operate through narrow passages and spaces

It adopts retractable undercarriage with width adjustable between 0.98-1.35m, guaranteeing its access to tight space narrower than 1m.

Excellent Operation Even for Corner Areas

The deflectable boom enables SY16C boom to swing 0.6m left and 0.35m right, easy to reach outer edge of the track.

Open or enclosed cabin, feel free to choose

Open cabin for 360° wide visibility of construction and working conditions; enclosed cabin for more comfortable and safe driving experience.

Low fuel consumption, high productivity

Efficiency up by 3.3%

Yanmar customized engine and European hydraulic system make its digging force more powerful than other models of the same size, saving about USD 5,500 each year.

Fuel consumption down by 9.2%

Unique SLSS-load sensitive flow distribution system achieves precise flow control and reduces fuel consumption, saving USD 400 for the customers.

Extended service life by 100%

Reinforced X undercarriage structure and track rollers instead of carrier roller make SY35U robust and durable, extending the service life by 100%.

  • SY16C Compact and flexible
  • SY35U Highly efficient


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